World Café on Evening one

A «World Café» is a great way to let a large group get an idea of an important question and to let them discuss it over several rounds.

As all Swiss Talent Forum participants are working on one of 10 subtopics of «Smart Growth and Consumption» over this weekend, we wanted to give them a chance to get an idea of at least three other subtopics and to recommend ideas and thought routes to the group that will be working on the subject.

It was an interesting and lively discussion, and our group coaches summarised the discussions for the participants in the end, giving them an idea about how deep and vast the topic «Smart Growth and Consumption» is indeed.

This initial discussion will help the participants tackle their own subtopic with a clearer idea of it’s interlinkedness with other topics and the main topic as a whole.

From the coach headquarters, Nadja Schnetzler


choosing a group from the topic board

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