Third day STF – group 7

The third day is almost over and our creativity is at a high level!
Today we had three different sessions to organize our ideas and combine the best ones to create one final solution for our topic-question.

During the “Define” workshop we simply collected from our brains many new technologies that will help us to bridge geographical and emotional distances in ten years.
After one hour we had “washed” our neurones and hung all our best ideas out to dry.
After a coffee break we convened to select the most interesting and revolutionary ideas (teletransport, 5D-recorders, holograms, high-velocity trains connecting people from all over the world, …) combining them to get our final creation.

The good lunch inspired our creativity preparing us for the “color war”: with paint and canvas we relaxed our minds during active painting.

After this funny intermezzo we went back to our final idea to prepare our presentation… and our surprise! (:

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