Third day for Group 4 @ STF 2015.

Being among only 7 students on STF 2015, who are dealing with science, can be especially interesting and attractive.

After gathering some ideas about consumption and constructing new scientific disciplines, we finally focused on the main issue – to find a scientific idea that will have an important effect on the future world and us, as (smart) consumers. One of today’s task was that each participant had to find as many ideas that are connected to the main question as possible. The whole team together managed to find the total of 21 ideas.

After that, we were generously awarded with 30 minutes of free time, which was spent watching the ideas and the work of other groups. However, the main issue was to separate ideas of group no. 4 to “yes’s”, “no’s” and “maybe’s” and, further on, select the most suitable one. Together we decided to work on the idea chosen, called “Block electronics”, which was also admired by the participants from other groups.

Our main focus for the future idea development will be robots, computers and another interesting things. Well, you have to agree with us, that it is best to keep details a secret until tomorrow, when we’ll present our idea in all of its glory.

You are always welcome to come and see our work here in London :) .

IMG_0053 IMG_0055

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