The Project Briefing

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During the Forum, you will be developing ideas around the topic of «The Future of Work». This briefing gives you the context of the main topic, the reason we are dealing with it and the goals of the forum. The briefing will be your guide, your reference for the whole process.

1. The Background
The STF is a politically independent think-tank for young adults who are committed to the global and long-term challenges of our time.

At the Swiss Talent Forum, young people get together with experts and high-profile personalities from business, science, society and politics to discuss potential solutions to the issues tabled for discussion. Speeches from personalities such as for example Kofi Annan, Dr. Bertrand Piccard, Philipp M. Hildebrandt will raise major thought-provoking issues to initiate discussions.

The overall topic of the first STF, which was held in January 2009, was “The Energy Challenge”. The theme selected for the second Swiss Talent Forum in September 2011, was “The Future of Health”.

The topic of this edition of the Forum is “BRAVE NEW WORK – THE FUTURE OF WORK”.

2. The General Objective
The Swiss Talent Forum brings together talented and motivated young people from all of Europe. The goal of the conference is for you to generate novel and thought provoking ideas around the topic «The Future of Work».

All initiatives that will be presented at the end of the forum should have the potential to redefine the realm of «Work» as future participants in this realm.

Apart from understanding and redefining the future world of work for yourselves, it is also a goal to create thought provoking suggestions, ideas or scenarios for the key players in the world of economy, science, politics and society at large.

3. The Objective of the Forum
You will, in groups of six to eight participants, work on a topic based on an aspect of «The Future of Work». With the support of a personal coach you will create one idea that will be presented in a 15 minute presentation on the last day of the forum. The objective of this idea is to redefine the future of work for you, your fellow participants and society at large.

You will go through a structured yet also open process, using a proven innovation process.
The stages of the process will be

  • Dream & Discover
  • Define
  • Design & Do
  • Develop
  • Deliver

In addition, you will summarise your activities throughout the journey in order to share it with the other groups.

4. The Topics
There are ten topics available for your selection. Each topic will be tackled by one group, with shared moments between groups.

Each group will work on one main topic and create at least one final idea (it’s possible to present more than one solution) on the last day of the Forum.

Each group will get inspirations for their topic through Keynote speeches, short speeches, informal and formal exchanges with other groups and by following the structured innovation process.

The topics are:

  • «Which tech initiative will be of special value to the workforce in 2024?»
  • «How will cross-cultural teams enrich the world of work in 2024?»
  • «Which idea or initiative will make the future workplace more human?»
  • «What idea will turn our current industrial work system into a new economic model by 2024?»
  • «How will technology and humans work together in 2024 to form a perfect union?»
  • «How will a global, mobile and digital workforce create true value for humankind in 2024?»
  • «Which initiative based on technology will help bridge geographical and emotional distance between teams in 2024?»
  • «What new business initiative based on technology will allow people in 2024 to create more value for everyone involved?»
  • «How will being a more global workforce help us in the creation of value for everyone in 2024?»
  • «How will young people contribute value to the workforce in 2024 at the intersection of technology, globalisation, economy and humanization?»

5. The Results and their Criteria
Each group will present one idea on the last day of the Forum.

The format of the final presentation is free. The Coach and Head Coach will be happy share potential presentation ideas, techniques and formats with you.

The time budget is a maximum of 15 minutes.

In addition to the final presentation, each group will create a blogpost after each innovation step in order to share vital information with the other teams.

Your final idea should fit the following criteria:

  • You believe it is relevant
  • You believe it will help shape the way we work in the future
  • You think it is relevant to society at large
  • You really LIKE the idea

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