The Day’s Events: Twitter Inventions and Body Modifications

We began the day by imagining technologies that could improve our minds and bodies in the future with small drawings and descriptions. These included very interesting forays into fashion, medicine and electrotechnology. This led us to thinking about the future workplaces; the skills required to get hired, and how to find a future workforce by allowing magazine images to inspire us.


The future work environment is obviously very important, as are the other environments in which the workforce operates. These aspects are very interconnected, so comfort in all aspects is very important, from commuting, to free time and meeting-time. We thought about different ways to maximize comfort and happiness in all of these fields and came up with very creative ideas, such as the gamification of meetings to result in more productivity or having automatic neural transmission of thoughts and concepts to others, which would be an interesting way to communicate.

Finally, we thought about existing inventions and how they have influenced our lives and extrapolated to think about future inventions, ones that might be our own, and how they would influence society and what we hoped to achieve with them and what tweets talking about them might look like. These faux tweets clearly show what we think of as necessary or inevitable products that will change the world.


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