Shisha and Sunshine

After a tough but inspiring morning of talks on entrepreneurship, we proudly strode from the hotel in the bright Bern sunshine, and into a school building. Greatly inspired by the scholastic atmosphere, we spent the afternoon in various creative pursuits. What would Donald Trump´s favourite club be like? How does one create a social network for nihilists? In our enthusiasm, we were prepared to risk life and limb (and test our health insurance in the process), all in pursuit of creativity. It was very inspiring.

Later in the day, we ventured onto the streets of Bern to ask authentic Swiss people (and some tourists)  on what they consider to be the essence of “Swissness”. We got a lot of predictable responses; chocolate, cheese, punctuality etc. Some people were thoughtful, mentioning neutrality, liberalism, and tidiness. Some people had alternative impressions; two tourists summed Switzerland as “Shisha and Sunshine”. We liked this so much we decided to name our blogpost after it. Tschüss!Unknown

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