Real world methodologies. Our way!

We started early and enthusiastically. More and more ideas were born with exponential speed each second.


Having so many ideas just two hours after starting we had a real problem. So many ideas and opportunities were present that we just could not decide how to structure our work and what to do. That is where Kanban came to the rescue. Most of us had never used any working methodology so we wasn’t sure how this is going to turn out.


After just one hour we had a ready board full with stickers. All of our tasks were separated and clear to everybody.  Even though we didn’t follow all of the exact rules of agile, scrum and kanban we still used what we thought would bests fit us.


We continued to work until the late hours but now everything we did was clear and we knew exactly how well we are progressing. The work is still going on with full speed and we believe we found the right way to do it. Ours!


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