Reading List «The Future of Work»


Here are some links to texts and posts around the topic of «The Future of Work» that we would like you to look at before the Forum. We are aware that you might not have time to read all content in detail, but maybe pick a few texts that you are really interested in and read them before the Forum. It will help you having a better grasp of the topic and to ask our speakers more interesting questions.

We have tried to align the texts along the four work topics that are shaping our forum: Globalisation, Humanisation, Technologisation and Economisation. It’s very clear that these spheres are mixed and interconnected, but it may be helpful to get started with this categorisation.

If you have a text you would like to share with the other participants, just add the link to it in the comments! Also, this list may be expanded from now until the forum, so please come back and have a look!

The Future

  • Association of professional futurologists
  • A universal expression of ethical principles to foster sustainable development, Link

Creando (Gottlieb Guntern)

Gottlieb Guntern is a world renowned expert for Creativity and the Creative Process. He will be there on the evening of Sunday January 26 and answer your questions. It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with his ideas and texts

The individual and the work sphere

  • An interesting text about the importance of «wandering» and the fact that adolescence is now extended far beyond the age of 20.
  • In «Futurama», Philip J Frey is sent into the future (31st century) and experiences all kinds of adventures, many of them also work related
  • «work is not a job»: out of the desire to create a lifestyle for herself that allowed her to use her talents and work on her own terms. Frustrated by the old “9-5″ office routine, and convinced that life is too short to do work that doesn’t matter to her, she realised that dream jobs do exist – but you have to create them for yourself.

Technology is shaping our world of work and the pace of development is breathtaking. But how will technology influence the way we work in the future further? What are the most important developments?

  • Economist Andrew MacAfee studies how information technology affects businesses and society. In this TED talk he gives his perspective about the Future of Work.
  • Podio, a startup that created a collaboration tool for teams, created a short movie about their idea of the future of work.

How will the workplace of the future become more human centered? What will influence the wellbeing of people at work? What will strengthen team bonds and communication?

  • This very interesting study by the Institute of the Future talks about the skills we will need to be ready for the work landscape of the Future.
  • In this interview, Philosopher Alain de Botton talks about his books «The pleasures and sorrows of work»
  • Institute for Value Based Enterprise
  • NEW and

We are still looking for appropriate texts to prepare you for the topic of Economisation. If you have ideas, please feel free to share them with us!

How will globalisation shape the way we work in the future? How will teams across continents work together? How will people from different cultures, beliefs and backgrounds form great teams and learn from each other?

  • An office that is designed like a city
  • 10 TED talks for global entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs from all over the globe.
  • Ian Goldin about the challenges in a globalised world

If you are interested in literature, philosophy and political ideas concerning the topics of future and / or work, you might want to consider reading one of these books (if we found a free version we have put in a link here, for the others need to order and download ebook versions of them):

Some links that are just in German:

  • FAU ist seit 1995 in der Betreuung und Weiterbildung von qualifizierten Erwerbslosen tätig
  • Publikationsliste zum Thema «Arbeit» vom FAU
  •  Interview mit Dr. Martina Hubacher, Co-Leiterin der Studie „Die Werte in der Arbeitswelt von morgen“
  • Studie „Wertewandel in der Schweiz 2030. Vier Szenarien“, Link


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