Nightcap from the Head Coach

Dear participants of the Swiss Talent Forum 2017

After spending an afternoon and evening immersed in the topic of entrepreneurship with a keynote speech rich with information, after hearing about the challenges that you will solve over the next days, after having dinner and getting the chance to get to know each other a bit better, and after the movie «Startup kids» at cinematte cinema, I can imagine that you appreciate that entrepreneurship is not a «simple» topic or one that can be approached in a single way.

As scientists, you are used to this. You are aware that to create something new, a spirit of experimentation is needed. After hearing different information from different sources, you know that contradictory information is something we deal with every day.

I want to leave you with these thoughts for the night:

  • Keep up a spirit of experimentation over the next few days.
  • Accept that change is the only constant
  • Trust your gut feelings, mistrust the recipes.

Good night, and see you tomorrow.


Find the keynote of Joachim Schoss here.


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