My Data, Your Data, Big Data – Day 2

Today started out with the evolution of one of last year’s projects: BuyAware. This was great for getting an idea of how to present our project in an interesting way. Coming up with solutions for our question was quite a challenge because we all agree that our topic is not very tangible and so concrete ideas didn’t exactly come flying into our minds… HOWEVER, after a while, we managed to come up with a few ideas. Walking around looking at other idea’s was also good inspiration, despite the different topics. Now, choosing our favourite idea was not a quick process. We sat talking for a while, and then another while and then we went for lunch and visited the skills labs…. and THEN we gathered back together where we finally decided on something. From there we continued to develop our idea and overall, we’re very pleased with it.
We started with no idea what big data even was, and even then… what did our question mean? Now we sit here, with an answer to our question! Patience is key to success.

"Patience is the KEY to success" - Team 3

“Patience is the KEY to success” – Team 3

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