My Data, your Data, Big Data – Day 1

We started today with little idea of the task ahead of us. We were still uncertain of the definition of “big data”, where it is used and how it is used. One thing that we definitely explored was the value of data and in the end we all agreed that in order to decide what to protect, we must establish what is more valuable. There is an immense amount of data in the world today and we simply cannot protect it all! The idea of a data charta is also important. Because data security is such a big topic (and problem), there should a written list of rules, regulations and ethical guidelines that is established by a global, independent and representative organisation. It should also be said that information regarding security, such as terms and regulations, should not only be understood by legal professionals but also by the average human being.
We need to make people aware of big data, its use, its value and its importance. By educating people this would solve a lot of the problems we are faced with today when it comes to data security.

We are looking forward to tomorrow as we are now prepared to come up with more concrete ideas after a fruitful day of inspirational brainstorming on the topic of data security!

An inspirational view...

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