Little lesson about Swiss people

First day, first challenge. Today afternoon we had the unbelievable and extraordinary experience to see Swiss people in the wild as we had to gather valuable information about bad costumer experience. First off all remember those tips: 1. Swiss people are extremely shy, so approach them carefully and silently. Don’t scare them or they will search for safety immediately and say “I don’t have time”. 2. Explain carefully why you’re approaching them and that you’re not trying to steal anything. And don’t forget to mention “it will only take a second” even if you know it will definitely take forever. 3. Asking them anything person will confuse them and make them wonder if you’re a spy. So proceed with caution. If you’re lucky and they will tell about their experience, don’t forget to thank them at leat 1000 times ¬†and apologise for interrupting their daily life as a Swiss person.

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