Keep in Touch!


Our first session was very productive. The beginning was strange because we wondered why we should do what was asked to us. We couldn’t figure out the general purpose and saw no real connection between the different activities and our topic. Eventually all our ideas converged to form a common network.

Throughout the day we enjoyed being open-minded. It was fascinating to let the mind wander, other than keeping things real like we usually have to do. We collected a variety of random different ideas. Our rule was: Don’t think, just do it even if it was far-fetched. Though it was at times confusing to not recognize the red line or the big picture.

At the end of the day we had the opportunity to get an insight to the project work of the other groups. In conclusion we can say that each group made a great effort today and created many new ideas. However, also hear it seems that the red line is missing and not clear to outsiders. Also, in our opinion, ideas were too realistic and not enough out of the box.

Our key takeaway of the day is to «keep in touch». After working on the topic of bridging emotional and geographical distance with the help of technology, we have come to the conclusion that staying connected with our environment is going to be key in the future. We are still a bit uncertain of how to use the material from today tomorrow, but we are looking forward to seeing where our journey will take us.


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