It’s a piece of cake! – Second day

Good afternoon students

Before enjoying sleeping in our cosy beds here at the Seepark Hotel in Thun we will give you a short summary of what happened today.

First of all in the morning we had to come up with our futuristic ideas about our topic. It was a challenging task, but we managed to handle it in a quite creative atmosphere and after many discussions followed until the early afternoon we got our final idea for the Swiss Talent Forum 2016.


Below a short explanation of our vision:

The Secret Garden is an international closed platform for teachers and students inside the school system, based on the three C’s: collection, combination and conclusion. It enables students to get in touch with Big Data and understand how it’s working by experiencing it on their own. The results can be bought by governments or corporations to finance the schools.


So now the time has come to create our presentation for tomorrows performance.

Sleep well and see you tomorrow! :)

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