Introducing THE WINNERS #TooHotForLife

IMG_0180Are you depressed? You don’t want to live any longer? Team 9 aka The Winners  will help you! The Winners found together in 2017 and have proven their detailed knowledge in EVERY field that existed since the universe was founded. For their outstanding achievements The Winners have received multiple high class prizes, e.g. The Nodel Price in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics* and all other not so important subjects all in 2017, the International Super Awesome Team Award in 2017, the #WayTooHotForTheUniverse Prize endowed by Iron Man in 2017, or the Sooo-Huge-Totally-Yuuggeee Award endowed by D. Trump in 2017. #Workout24/7 #Gym

*SHUT UP, the Nodel Prize includes also math

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