Head Coach Summary Day 2

The morning of day 2 was dedicated to an inspiration phase with a Keynote speech by trend expert Birgit Gebhardt, four short speeches about Globalisation, Econimisation, Humanisation and Technology by our guests Joachim Schoss (founder of Scout24), Stefan Camenzind (Camenzind Evolution), Dr. Stephan Feldhaus (Communications Head of Roche) and Dr. Karin Vey (Researcher at IBM) and a panel discussion.

While the discussion niveau was very high in the morning and the participants asked excellent questions, it was my goal to bring them on a different level in the afternoon and to make sure that they play around with their topics without already trying to formulate a finished idea. This took some getting used to for many of them, but ultimately the groups enjoyed this experience very much and created a lot of raw material of high value.

The ten group coaches did an outstanding job guiding their groups through this unusual process and after very little time, the whole first floor of the hotel was buzzing, full of energy and different music was to be heard from all group rooms. Have a look at a few of my very personal favourite impressions:


At the end of the afternoon, the groups created a blog post with their summary, some with an illustration provided by our illustrator Takashi Sugimoto, and some really excellent videos presenting the teams.

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