Head Coach Summary Day 1

Day 1 of the Swiss Talent Forum 2014 – «The Future of Work» is coming to a close. Right now, the groups are meeting in their group spaces with their coaches for the first time and are getting to know each other better.

This afternoon, the 68 participants arrived from all over Europe in beautiful Thun. Unfortunately, two participants are missing due to the flu. We hope that they can follow this blog for comfort. In the morning, the coach team had arrived and prepared the workshop sessions for the next days.


The participants of the Swiss Talent Forum 2014

Apart from an introductory session and a very pleasant dinner the highlight of the evening was the Q&A session with creativity researcher Gottlieb Guntern. The participants asked him a lot of questions about his take on creativity. Here are a few of the most memorable quotes:

«Whatever you do, make sure that it stimulates the mind and that it generates real value for society!»


«The more unique your idea, the more it will be rejected. It’s like in an organ transplant».


«Wether it is music, landscapes, art, a mix of all or something completely different: Make sure to find beauty that inspires you.»


«The mind is like a parachute – it works best when wide open.»


«Open wide your antennae. Listen. Don’t show off. Relax. Don’t Play power games. Your intuition will only work when you are at ease».


“Most people think that creativity has something to do with personal genius. But that is not true. It is always a group process.”


Gottlieb Guntern, Creativity researcher

From a Head Coaches perspective, a better start to the creation of ideas is hardly imaginable. We are all very much looking forward to the sessions tomorrow.

See you tomorrow!

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