Group Nr. 8 Friday

Welcome to the day of group Nr. 8
Our group thought hard about diiferent tools which could be used by everyday people.
We wanted to move away from the financial aspect because everybody should be able to access it, disregarding their economical situation.
We also wanted to include the ideas of the other participants, so we went around and asked them. After this, we developed tools with the help of the data we collected and made 3D models with advanced technology (play doh). Following this we highlighted the advantages of our tools and displayed these on posters.


One of our tool ideas was a fridge where you have to scan the barcodes, because then the fridge can tell you what food will expire soon and what food you should eat on a certain day based on activity.
Our day was very enjoyable and the discussions we had were very enlightening.
This is all for today.

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