Group 8: a very productive second day!


Today, after a morning full of interesting presentations and talks, we had our first creativity session. We first started with some brainstorming concerning positive and negative properties of work places. On one hand we found out that for example flexible break times, good food, a peaceful place can contribute to a positive atmosphere. On the other hand we found out that stress, too much bureaucracy, nonfunctional electronic devices or missing aestetic don’t.

We also designed our vision of a perfect office space. We came up with two different approaches; an office that combines work area and relaxation in a big room, and another that strictly separates them. We also thought of tasks that robots will never be able to perform at any time in the future. Afterwards, we each picked one of the ideas and tried to find a technology that is able to do that.

After a coffee break and some physical warm-up, we came up with completely new ways to communicate with other people, for example holograms, brain connections and ice bears (because why not?). We also founded our startup (only virtually) that solves annoying problems we have today.


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