Group 3: Which idea or initiative will make the future more human?

Birgit Gebhardt dynamically opened our day with an inspiring speech on how the work habits, techniques and infrastructures are evolving through time, with special attention dedicated to our future. “The Generation Y must not adapt to old working structures!”: it’s up to us to promote, develop and be the engine of the future professional world. A very big challenge I would dare say! Through an ulterior discussion panel and short presentations we were flooded with ideas and methods, giving us all the essential tools needed to come up with new and plentiful thoughts during our ”Dream and discover” session in the afternoon.

Group 3 is specifically concerned with answering the question “Which idea or initiative will make the future more human?”. During the afternoon we avoided directly attempting to answer this gigantic enquiry and attempted instead to come up with solutions to smaller, sometimes more playful queries (with which other groups were also confronted), for example: ”list new job titles of the year 2024”(some of my favorite answers were ”heart designer”, ”robot psychologist”, “water archeologist”,…), or “Humans in 2024 will be different than today. What makes them different?”. At the end of the day, we’re still full of ideas, curious and excited to see what tomorrow will bring…and ready to eat fondue this evening!

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And this future of work will definitely change!


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