Graeme Maxton – Secretary General of the Club of Rome

Foto Graeme Maxton

Graeme Maxton is Secretary General of the Club of Rome, a highly influential think-tank with fewer than 100 members globally, most of whom are ex-heads of state, top scientists and leading academics.  He is a compelling and challenging speaker on the overarching issues facing humanity: the long term economic outlook, geo-political conflicts and the environment. Graeme is well-known for having correctly predicted the dot-com bubble in 2000,  the financial crisis in 2007 and the economic malaise that we face in much of the world today.  He is the author of several best-selling books, was a regional director with the Economist Intelligence Unit in Hong Kong and spent many years with strategy consultants Booz & Co as well as with Citigroup and American Express. He was visiting professor at Cass Business School in London between 1988 and 2002.  Born in Scotland, Graeme has a first class degree in economics and operations research and an MBA from London.  He is currently based in Winterthur, Switzerland.

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