Farming Big Data

Our day was spent between Big Mac’s and an open fire debate.

In the morning we had the opportunity to listen to great speakers and learn from their experience. One of the many things we got form the morning was some information and knowledge about IoT, the Internet of Things, which has much to do with the impact Big Data has on farming. On the other side we heard about the risks of Big Data when working with it, which are important facts to consider.

Enriched with these ideas and concepts we started our work with a productive afternoon in our topic.

A fun thing we did was to take an enterprise and defend its position in a open debate with an ”opponent” one. This made us realise the veracity of our arguments and also helped us to think like an enterprise. (By the way, NestlĂ© won against Rainforest Alliance)

Surrounded by tons of sticky notes, we brainstormed and got lots of ideas to work on.There’s much work awaiting us for the sessions tomorrow and we are thrilled to engage into the next phase of the process! (Our Idea Machine is just working at full speed)

That’s all for today,

Cheers and see you tonight in Thun.

Photo on 29-01-2016 at 18.22

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