Ethics and Profit: No Contradiction?

It was way harder to find an approach to Business Models for Data Sharing than we had ever imagined. Our first discussions seemed to be without a defined direction and somewhat fruitless. Nonetheless, this afternoon changed the game completely, and all of a sudden we are where we are now; with a radically new perspective.

In continuation to discover concepts and relationships of data and business, we sat down to elaborate concrete ideas, which then were rated and evaluated. After some hours of dense discussion, a new business model for sharing information was created.

With a revolutionary business mind-set, we conquered the challenges the market brings about. By combining the traditional business model of a bank with the new unprecedented opportunities which incorporate an ethical interaction with a user’s data, we managed to unite two worlds: profit and moral.

The first market to be redefined, healthcare, is of fundamental relevance to all of us.

For now, our job is to tweak our presentation a little for tomorrow. Finally, we have our business model and we cannot wait to show you. We’ve got something special for you…so don’t miss out ;)

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