Energy – currency of the future!


The era of money is over – don`t panic – its just a scenario we imagined for the future in the year 2024.

Since money had become obsolete, we went and created a whole new currency. So, how did we do that?

We were quite clear about not creating another currency that would have to be administered by financial institutions. Instead, we thought of basic needs and realized that energy was a necessity for food, clothing and shelter. Energy is also something that can be traded, created and transformed.

We figured that we could generate energy using bananas. Large scale banana farms would feed simple, portable devices that spit out energy.

Now, what form would this energy take? Money was circulated in papers or coins.

We think it makes more sense to implant a chip in everyone. You get one of your own once you turn 16 with a starting energy balance. And all you have to do to pay is show your palm to a special scanner and it reads the chip, takes the exact amount of energy according to the transaction.





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