Day 2: Compressing our ideas

Our day started early with the presentation of a last years’ project. We were able to see how a project from the STF could evolve. That motivated us to pursue our daily tasks. Each of us had to think of several ideas, which in the end turned out to be quite good and competitive. We evaluated them with suggestions from other teams and our amazing coach and picked our groups’ favorite.

After setting our main goal, we started working towards it by splitting it into smaller subgoals. One subgoal at a time, we approached to our final target.

In addition to several other activities, the Skills Labs in the afternoon helped us to visualize and prepare our idea for presentation.

Of course, it took much work. However, it was fun and interesting to go through this process. (By the way, we saw Jesus, just look at the second image and convince yourself)

IMG_3980 IMG_3985

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