Creative chaos to prevent crises (Group 6, Day 1)

Today, we started with an idea – let’s make our door stand out! We did it.


We had to think about as many crises as possible. The challenge was that we only had 5 minutes to do so!

The bad impact such crises can have is underlined by the fact that they are disturbing our beautiful view…


What can occur during a crisis? Scenarios were run through to help us better understand what is important to focus on in a prevention method.

Group 6 (1)

What to do when a crisis breaks out? Let everyone know by carrier pigeon!


A bunch of early indicators which need to be captured, processed and analyzed to predict an approaching crisis. But the question is: which ones are the most useful and easiest to record? Which ones could be processed by algorithms, and which are too complex to handle? Further steps needed…


Don’t worry – everybody just writing their text for the blog :) .





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