Cow Usage in India

One of the major tasks was to find and innovative and effective way to ensure that the cows which move freely in the streets of India’s cities.
Giving attention to the fact that cows have a holy status in India we laid the main focus to developing ideas which do not cause any harm to them.

The results are as different as they could possibly be. Here are some examples:

- organising a cow race where the runner and the cow have to be faster than their opponents on a track of 5 kilometers.

- using the cows as windows models in order to promote the products of the shop or the shopping center.

- make use of the cows as a transportation mean.

- making a bollywood movie with cows as actors

- make a cow street where tourists can ride them and take pictures with them. With the entry they pay the cows are feeded

Overall we are sure that some of the ideas may should be registered at the trademark office because they could turn out to be highly viable :-) Billede 31-01-15 17.00.10 Billede 31-01-15 17.00.21 Billede 31-01-15 17.00.28 Billede 31-01-15 17.00.32 Billede 31-01-15 17.00.46 Billede 31-01-15 17.01.12 Billede 31-01-15 17.01.23 Billede 31-01-15 17.01.30 Billede 31-01-15 17.02.24)

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