Coffee and sugar: the basic elements of an entrepreneur´s life

…The morning started with two cups of freshly brewed coffee…or maybe three. The amount increased during the day, although we had to stop counting around midday, because we couldn’t keep track of it. Of course we were not only drinking coffee but also producing some intellectual looking stuff for our presentations tomorrow morning. First of all, to wake up completely and get the coffee nicely mixed up with the rest of our breakfast, we had a little dancing session. (Pictures are somewhere here in the Posts)

Ohhh of course, we are so sorry, how ungently from us to not present ourselves. Todays report writer are named Karla & Robin. This little caution advice should warn you that some written phrases can contain traces of irony and sarcastic.

To give you a little insight into the life of an entrepreneur’s workday you can first take a look at picture No. 1 in the attachment. Generally the life of a entrepreneur is influenced by many trials to become more creative. Evidence for that are shown in picture No. 2 and No. 3.

Next to the fact that we often try to be creative we are focused on selecting topics and discussing new strategies which can be used for the following group work.

In order to collect our genius ideas we love to use post it’s. (compare to picture 4)

And to get even more genius ideas we also like to play with lego, as shown in picture 5.

After working on some improvements for the presentations we had a delicious working dinner. We have to say the digesting process was really hard… The desert variation at lunch and at dinner was so big, Robin had to try at least 10 of them in order to decide which sweet treat was the best.

As a conclusion: throughout the day we managed to find a real good balance between work, coffee and food.


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