Head Coach Summary Day 4: We are all happily exhausted!

Today was THE day. The participants had to present their ideas to the other groups, to the media and to guests from various backgrounds.

I cannot even begin to say how impressed I was with their presentations. In the shortest time imaginable they had created clear, concise ideas for the “Future of Work” that were not only very good but also fun.

Each group surprised us with their insight, their wit, their reasoning and their grasp on technology and content tools. Time just flew by while we listened to them.


After the presentations, the coaches gave a short feedback to their groups and the ideas, and the participants did the same. It became clear that everyone had not only enjoyed the process, but learned a lot during the 4 days, about idea creation, about group dynamics, about the topic itself and about many other things.


We created a roadmap with the ten ideas, showing what the timeframe could be in which the ideas could be implemented. The participants signed the roadmap and indicated which ideas they wanted to pursue further (a process that will be facilitated by Swiss Youth in Science in the next months).


The presentation materials of the ten ideas will be uploaded shortly, but here is a mini description of the 10 contributions:

Group 1: «Which tech initiative will be of special value to the workforce in 2024?»
InterMind, a technology that will connect our minds to computers and help us tap into other peoples emotions, thoughts and knowledge processes.  A neural interface that will change everything.


Group 2: «How will cross-cultural teams enrich the world of work in 2024»
Cross-Cultural-Competencies as school subject (CCC): A comprehensive program to develop intercultural competences in work teams


Group 3: «Which idea or initiative will make the future workplace more human?»

The 15 hour work week – Life is work and work is life.
What would happen if we only “worked” 15 hours per week in the future but used the other time at the company for learning, teaching others and doing social and cultural contributions, all during official work hours? A daring and revolutionary concept worth more than just a thought.


Group 4: «What idea will turn our current industrial work system into a new economic model by 2024?»

Here, we have to let the presentation of the team speak (no worries, the other presentations will also be shared!): EGO, making environmental consciousness attractive.


Group 5: «How will technology and humans work together in 2024 to form a perfect union?»

This group created «The mother of all jackets», a clothing device that will monitor your well-being, your mood and even your productivity. In the far future, it could even work together with stem cells to create a completely personalised work environment.


Group 6: «How will a global, mobile and digital workforce create  true value for humankind in 2024?»

The group created the Pub-dock, a public docking stations. Basically, we will no longer work in companies, but people will gather in Pub-Docks to get inspired by others, share equipment, learn new skills, get work done and spend free time. Pub-Docks are public domains for anyone from childhood to senior age.


Group 7: «Which initiative based on technology will help bridge geographical and emotional distance between teams in 2024?»

WeMeet is the future of conferences. Just have a look at the video, and you will know why!


Group 8: «What new business initiatives based on technology will allow people in 2024 to create more value for everyone involved?»

Make your office automatically adapt to your needs, is the answer of this group. Furniture that automatically moves to the right place, an office that transforms itself into the space you need right now. Controllable by movement and speech.


Group 9: «How will being a more global workforce help us in the creation of value for everyone in 2024?»

This group created a startup that takes care of globalizing companies, that is, making them fit for intercultural work. More details to follow in the final presentation that will be uploaded shortly.


Group 10: «How will young people contribute value to the workforce in 2024 at the intersection of technology, globalization, economy and humanization?»

The key to enhance the future of work is to find a balance between all the four topics. We have to lead the mentality of the youngest generation, changing them from “ignorance” to tolerance. This generation will have the biggest impact on all that follow. The change of mentality can be reached by various means.




It was a privilege to work with all of you! Thank you!

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