Inspiration Clips – a bubble bath for your mind


On the first evening, we showed you a movie with some inspirations relating to the topic. Of course, we heavily edited and cut the segments, and some of the segments we wanted to show had to be cut entirely to bring the clip to 25 minutes. So I have decided to provide you with the original links here:

Hans Rosling and the Development of Health and Wealth of the last 100 years

Ocean Plastic pollution research

Consumerism, planned obsolescence and percieved obsolescense

Slavery Footprint

Social Progress Index

Gross National Happiness Concept (Bhutan)

Degrowth: A new vocabulary

Universal Basic Income

The Timing issue from the perspective of the TV show «The Newsroom»

Jeremy Rifkins “5 Pillar Industrial Revolution»

Collaborative Consumption

What is the Sharing Economy


Repair Cafes

Makers Movement

The possibilites of 3D printing today

Barclay’s Cycling Super Highway

Vertical Farming

5 Questions to ask about meat

Meat the Future: Invitro Meat

The Soylent Experiment

Tiny House Movement