All visuals, summaries and presentations

Dear Talent Forum participants,

Our videographer made videos of all the presentations, but we still have to be a bit patient until we receive them and can post them here. In the mean time, I am sharing the short summaries you provided as well as the illustrations and the links to your presentations.

It has been a privilege to work with all of you!

Nadja, Head Coach


Group 1:

What action can young people take to help promote responsible growth and consumption within the next 10 years?

The foundation of all change in growth and consumption is education. How can young people improve things directly? Students should get active and participate in the decision-making process at their school.

Environmental issues like global warming, mass consumption and topics like sustainability will be discussed on a platform. Our platform will connect students all around the globe, so they can take a look at other improvements proposed and accepted around the world.

Smart Choice – the place where students can make a difference by voting on suggestions from their fellow students.




Group 2: The Green Gap

What do we, as a society, need to contribute to smarter growth and consumption in the next 20 years to create a lasting impact?


Let’s converge classical tuition with an inspiring environment: We create the Green Gap; an innovative new approach in the school schedule.

Students leave the class room once a month to get a mind-changing boost of hands-on experience. The supermarket, the butcher, the farm – to get away from our shapeless thoughts.

Imagine the impact on the parents, learning from their kids about the slaughter of a pig and getting an empathic idea of the inconvenient truth!



Group 3: SWEEPEE: Ocean-based Autonomous Vehicle for Water purification & Waste Collection

What will be the big innovation of the next 10 years in the area of ecology that will change the way we think about growth and consumption?

Sweepee starts empty and sweeps the ocean to collect water and solid waste from the sea to transform it into potable water. The collected water is cleaned from plastic and trash and later separated from salt. The plastic is processed into cubes.

The drinkable water and processed plastic will be sold to clients or donated to poor people.




Group 4: BLOK Electronics

What science driven idea will make us more concious and smarter consumers by 2025?


Our idea tackles the problem of the throwing away electronic devices when just one partdoes not work anymore. Is this throwing away smart? Certainly not! Our science driven solution is based on the development of easily interchangeable electronic blocks. So less trash is produced and a greener world is created. Maybe the solution to some problems of today?




Group 5 Less work – more community

Imagine a low growth world. What will be the business models that drive this world and make it a positive place for all?

Let’s picture a slow growth world. In this world economy needs less working power and therefore, a lot of people are out of work. This has to change. To stop this the society splits up the remaining work. Therefore all people will work part time – in our scenario 50 %. This new society spends their free time in community houses.




Group 6 - Polar Bear App

What solutions will help more humans to become greener and fairer consumers by 2025?


The Polar Bear App motivates people to be greener/fairer by linking their consumption to the salvation of their threatened avatar. It’s easy : Before buying a product/service, scan it with your mobile device, and information concerning its green- and fairness appears. The greener your lifestyle, the better off your avatar.



Group 7: Piezoelectricity – step by step towards energy autonomy

What solutions will help more humans to become greener and fairer consumers by 2025?


The movement of people and vehicles contains a tremendous electric potential which can be made useable by piezoelectric plates.

Not all this crowd-produced power will be used immediately, but locally stored in potential forms (e.g. chemical and mechanical).

This crowd-produced energy will raise people’s awareness for the value of power.



Group 8: DIS is it!

What business idea related to increased global mobility will create a lasting impact on the conscious consumer within the next 10 years?


DIS is your crowd-funded taxi of tomorrow. Our self-driven cars fueled by renewable energies pick you up at home. The integrated intelligent navigation technology pools you together with like-minded passengers and drives you to your desired destination. DIS car-sharing: the journey becomes greener and cheaper. The future starts now!




Group 9 – Buy Aware  

Which new policy relating to technology and ecology  will influence smart and sustainable progress in the next 10 years?


The implementation of a data collection system that analyses your online consumption patterns and grades them according to their sustainability. The system is state-funded while the products/companies get rated by several state-chosen NGOs. A browser-plugin/app will send you an alert when you buy an unsustainable product and in the end of the year every consumer will get his personal footprint.




Group 10: ECOOL

Which ground breaking sustainable business idea (product or service) will convince your future investor as well as consumers?


We created an app that helps students reduce consumption and compare themselves to others. It measures water/energy consumption and waste production, rewarding exemplary behavior with points, and penalizing poor behavior with point deduction. Net points can be traded in for discounts on various product/services.



Thank you!


Dear participants of the «Swiss Talent Forum 2015

Thank you so much for spending four intense and interesting days together and with us in Thun! I am sure that both you and we learned a great deal this weekend, about the planet, about growth and degrowth, about the challenges of sustainability, about teamwork, project management, presentations and about having a good time!

I trust you have travelled back to your everyday life, where, I hope, many skills and ideas you acquired at the Forum will accompany you for a long time to come.

I really hope that you will find a way, small or big, personal or business, to implement ideas from your roadmap. As said: If you wish to implement something and need structure or support, please refer to Stefan and Fabienne from “Swiss Youth in Science”. They will also write to you regarding how this support is organized.

Please stay in touch!

You can find all images here, if you have not found them yet. If you want to hire the man behind the camera, you go here:

If you want to contact me or the coaches: You find us all on facebook, or you can just ask me and I will connect you:, email:

Take care now!


Your Head Coach,


Make it so!

In Group3 consisting of Andre, Louisa, Sara, Remo, Raphael, Matthias and Soren I was lucky to have a team that was very matter-of-fact about the task at hand. At no point did they let the big question overwhelm them. No nerves, no fear. In the process of interacting with them, I’d like to think I’ve learnt a few things that I’d like to share. Instead of calling them “Things a coach can do”, I think it’ll be more appropriate to name them, “Things a coach should *not* do”

Of course, before going any further, a huge thank you to the organisers for the location : Thun lake..there couldn’t be a better cocktail of the lake, the mountains and snow to inspire great ideas.

*Don’t add, remove.

Imagine a sculptor chipping away unnecessary material to reveal the beauty hidden deep inside the stone – that’s how I see my role as a coach in the whole ideation process. More than adding insights or providing new material, I feel that simply removing all the obstacles in the way of the team will free their minds and propel them in the right direction. Less is always more. :)

*No sitting on heads

It’s very tempting to follow the team and literally hand-hold them as they go about giving shape to the final idea. But, once a task is defined and deadlines are set – I prefer leaving the team to come up with the “how”….call it freedom with checkpoints to verify progress.

*Don’t force methods/tools

Be it methods of working in teams or tools for presentations – laying out a quick and dirty introduction for the team makes a huge difference. After that, its’ upto the team to decide if they’ll adopt a method or tool. For example, inspite of listening to a Kanban intro-capsule by the Head Coach Nadja, my team decided to wing it and just do things together in well defined work-cycles. Doing is also learning!

*No individual idea ownership

This is tricky. Ideally, no one owns the ideas! Once ideas get attached to people (or vice versa) it’s very hard to stay open and look at other perspectives. This may even prevent them from making the idea more concrete. The team strives to make the best of their talents to bloom the final idea – this way failures can be digested and success can be celebrated in good company.

*There is no recipe

Sometimes the best recipe is – to not have one. There’s got to be flexible elements to the creative exercises a coach designs for the innovation process. You get to know the team’s personalities on the, it’s always good to drop/re-design certain elements based on the temperature in the room.

At the end of the day, we had a blast coming up with the final idea and its’ presentation! It was a wonderful journey and I’m sure everyone of us learnt something that’ll help us fight the Klingons in the future : the ones within us and those outside too.


Coach Rakesh Kasturi, Group 3


A message to group 9 and all participants

Dear Ainika, Fujane, Till, Glenn, Jonas, Eric, Michael and 63 further amazing participants of the Swiss Talent Forum 2015.

In the past few days I was telling you to “think big” as many factors in life will make your ideas smaller and smaller, such as time restrictions, budget, and other resources. I told you that, if you started with a big idea which was eventually made smaller, you still ended up with a really good idea. And if you started with a small idea which then got even tinier you’d end up with something that was not very intriguing.

After your presentation on Monday I realised that I forgot to tell you that there are also other people in this world who will try to restrict your ideas (Mr. Maxton mentioned something along those lines). Usually those people are scared of big visions that could disrupt the system, because those people only have importance in this particular system. I will not mention specifically who those people are, as you all know what I am talking about.

The idea of group 9 was an app, as was the idea of another few groups, which would raise awareness and transfer the power of big data from enterprises to consumers. I, and all the other coaches, did not think that you believed you could save the world with just an app. We understood that we gave you such enormously difficult questions to answer, you all chose to present a small step that could eventually realise your big vision over time. And you understood that all those small steps could grow into something big, like a true paradigm shift. There is no all-in-one solution for complex topics like growth and consumption and trying to solve our issues with just a single solution would overwhelm us and paralyse us. No action would be taken, no ideas realised… no small steps would be taken that can grow into a bigger movement. Remember what I said about making a decision to be able to move forward?

I’d like you to not forget this and to ignore some of those “grown ups”, who have probably not understood the world we live in as well as you have. But also, try not to become like them, should you end up entering a political career!

It was amazing working with you and I hope to hear great things about you in the future!

Your coach, Fabienne

What a journey!

It’s 23:48 and the participants are still hard at work with their coaches, finalizing their presentations, rehearsing them, getting critical second opinions and all the while enjoying themselves.

We came a long way since Friday evening, exploring the 10 topics. And tomorrow the groups will present their ideas, some of which I have already seen today and which I am excited to see again tomorrow after the final improvements.

As Head Coach I am very proud of my team and of all the participants. Well done!

(see below one of the first inspirations of the exploration phase – not to worry, this is not going to be one of the final ideas :-) )

From the Head Coach Office, Nadja

First child printed

Upcycled knight watching over Smart Growth and Consumption

Today we let ourselves be inspired by our surroundings and developed a lot of creative ideas. We narrowed the options down to three and combined them to a single amazing innovation which surely would lead to a tremendous mindshift.

_DSC7231 (1)
As you can see on the picture we prepared ourselves to be able to fight for making the world a better one. (on the shield is even our group symbol ;) )

Heads on fire!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As the gingerly person in this group I can tell you that for once not just my head is on fire but everyones in this group. We have taken huge steps today, moving along the path of coming up with good business ideas, sorting the best ones out, choosing a final one and then refining it. I dare to say that our idea is not only good but more likely mind-blowing. (too self-convinced? :P ) Well, you’ll get to see the result tomorrow!

So as we are really looking forward to our presentation and keep working on it, we wish you a lovely evening.

Team 10


Thinking intensively…


This morning we started our session by putting about 20 ideas on different sheets, including the title, a description and a visualization of each topic. We then voted for the different ideas and also had other people vote for them just to find out what might be the more interesting and popular ones. Afterwards we compared and discussed all of our ideas in order to categorize, combine and eventually narrow it down to just two. These were then presented to the illustrator to get some feedback.

In the afternoon we chose the final idea which is, a modern student web-platform, which gives students a voice by enabling them to propose and vote for improvements in the education system locally and worldwide.

For the rest of the evening we will keep working on preparing our presentation.