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Day one and a half at the Swiss Talent Forum

«How will being a more global workforce help us in the creation of true value for everyone in 2024 ?»

We started off with first of all defining “true” value and globalization.

A consensus was reached that true value is more than simply piling up money. It is first and foremost the realization of one’s potential as quoted by Guntern, together with feeling finding a purpose in one’s work. This can only be achieved by giving people the possibility of climbing Mazlow’s pyramid of needs.


Globalization is a force of enormous potential benefit. If done right it fosters wealth, cultural richness, skill sharing and tolerance for diversity. However, it can and has led to global inequality, loss of cultural identity, increase in destructive competitive environments, tax havens as well as an unfortunate impact on the environment etc. pp. In other words it is important to manage globalization in a responsible way on the levels of industries and consumers.


So we finally looked at possible ways to reinforce the positive aspects of globalization while limiting its negative sides.


For example one may introduce a global standard for good working conditions which could feature on products in the form of labels.

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One can promote the value of intercultural teams in business. States and companies must take responsibility to integrate foreign citizens in their new country of residence by providing language, culture and socialisation courses. Integration is however two-sided: measures should be taken to inform locals about the brewing diversity in their countries.

Group 9