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The final presentations


Team Painting


Day one and a half at the Swiss Talent Forum

«How will being a more global workforce help us in the creation of true value for everyone in 2024 ?»

We started off with first of all defining “true” value and globalization.

A consensus was reached that true value is more than simply piling up money. It is first and foremost the realization of one’s potential as quoted by Guntern, together with feeling finding a purpose in one’s work. This can only be achieved by giving people the possibility of climbing Mazlow’s pyramid of needs.


Globalization is a force of enormous potential benefit. If done right it fosters wealth, cultural richness, skill sharing and tolerance for diversity. However, it can and has led to global inequality, loss of cultural identity, increase in destructive competitive environments, tax havens as well as an unfortunate impact on the environment etc. pp. In other words it is important to manage globalization in a responsible way on the levels of industries and consumers.


So we finally looked at possible ways to reinforce the positive aspects of globalization while limiting its negative sides.


For example one may introduce a global standard for good working conditions which could feature on products in the form of labels.

Group 9 capture

One can promote the value of intercultural teams in business. States and companies must take responsibility to integrate foreign citizens in their new country of residence by providing language, culture and socialisation courses. Integration is however two-sided: measures should be taken to inform locals about the brewing diversity in their countries.

Group 9


Group 3: Which idea or initiative will make the future more human?

Birgit Gebhardt dynamically opened our day with an inspiring speech on how the work habits, techniques and infrastructures are evolving through time, with special attention dedicated to our future. “The Generation Y must not adapt to old working structures!”: it’s up to us to promote, develop and be the engine of the future professional world. A very big challenge I would dare say! Through an ulterior discussion panel and short presentations we were flooded with ideas and methods, giving us all the essential tools needed to come up with new and plentiful thoughts during our ”Dream and discover” session in the afternoon.

Group 3 is specifically concerned with answering the question “Which idea or initiative will make the future more human?”. During the afternoon we avoided directly attempting to answer this gigantic enquiry and attempted instead to come up with solutions to smaller, sometimes more playful queries (with which other groups were also confronted), for example: ”list new job titles of the year 2024”(some of my favorite answers were ”heart designer”, ”robot psychologist”, “water archeologist”,…), or “Humans in 2024 will be different than today. What makes them different?”. At the end of the day, we’re still full of ideas, curious and excited to see what tomorrow will bring…and ready to eat fondue this evening!

IMG_4242 IMG_4244 IMG_4246 IMG_4253


And this future of work will definitely change!


The Day’s Events: Twitter Inventions and Body Modifications

We began the day by imagining technologies that could improve our minds and bodies in the future with small drawings and descriptions. These included very interesting forays into fashion, medicine and electrotechnology. This led us to thinking about the future workplaces; the skills required to get hired, and how to find a future workforce by allowing magazine images to inspire us.


The future work environment is obviously very important, as are the other environments in which the workforce operates. These aspects are very interconnected, so comfort in all aspects is very important, from commuting, to free time and meeting-time. We thought about different ways to maximize comfort and happiness in all of these fields and came up with very creative ideas, such as the gamification of meetings to result in more productivity or having automatic neural transmission of thoughts and concepts to others, which would be an interesting way to communicate.

Finally, we thought about existing inventions and how they have influenced our lives and extrapolated to think about future inventions, ones that might be our own, and how they would influence society and what we hoped to achieve with them and what tweets talking about them might look like. These faux tweets clearly show what we think of as necessary or inevitable products that will change the world.



Aebi Rayan Switzerland
Allenspach Jasmin Switzerland
Ammann Nora Switzerland
Angeloni Simone Switzerland
Baumann Nick Switzerland
Bladh Julia Sweden
Boila Anna Switzerland
Bormuth Yannick Switzerland
Bright Kristina Switzerland
Brunn Ondřej Czech Republic
Bucher Anna-Katharina Switzerland
Camilleri Daniel Malta
Casati Beatrice Italy
Donath Yaniv Switzerland
Egli Luisa Switzerland
Eppenberger Thomas Switzerland
Felder Melanie Switzerland
Fingerlin Tamara Switzerland
Frau Eleonora Switzerland
Fuchs Sacha Switzerland
Ghidoni Céline Switzerland
Gröbner Matthias Switzerland
Grossniklaus Jan Switzerland
Gugler Stefan Switzerland
Gumiela Micha Poland
Hemmig Andrea Switzerland
Hrabovsky Jan Czech Republic
Kapfhammer Johannes Switzerland
Kaufmann Robin Switzerland
Kervalishvili Irakli Georgia
Khasanov Nevzet Switzerland
Kirsch Oliver Switzerland
Kozik Rafa Poland
Mebert Iliana Switzerland
Monteiro Ana Rita Portugal
Murer Reto Switzerland
Navickas Matas Lithuania
Novysedlák René Slovakia
Oberholzer Timon Switzerland
Oggier Lorena Switzerland
Orgland Nikolai Switzerland
Øvestad Thomas Norway
Panariello Serena Switzerland
Plaunovs Dmitrijs Latvia
Probst Vera Maria Switzerland
Püntener Patrizia Switzerland
Püntener Olivia Switzerland
Quiaios Beatriz Portugal
Realmonte Giulia Italy
Rohner Gwendolin Switzerland
Rohr Sara Switzerland
Roncoroni Fabrice Switzerland
Ruane-McAteer Deirdre Ireland
Schellenbaum Aurelio Switzerland
Schitter Eva Christine Austria
Schneider Pia Switzerland
Schorrer Tyrone Switzerland
Schürch Tiziano Switzerland
Schürmann Dario Switzerland
Shields Emma Ireland
Söllner Ollin Switzerland
Steinlechner Thomas Austria
Stierlin Johanna Switzerland
Stutz Lucas Switzerland
Szabó Lóránt Hungary
Tuus Hanna Estonia
Twerenbold Henry Switzerland
Vicini Rino Switzerland
Wohl Charel England
Wulkop Paula Switzerland