The Policy Labbers – Day 2, right?

The day started with an introduction session in which Guido Rumi gave an input about how to give a good presentation. We then moved on to find some possible answers to our question “Which new political action relating to technology and ecology will influence smart and sustainable progress in the next ten years?”. There was an idea rating and afterwards we chose our three favorite projects that we wanted to follow up. The afternoon started with a break from the thinking-process when we actually used our hands to make new things out of trash in an “upcycling-session”.

_DSC6879 _DSC6837

After a coffee break the most intense session started, we had to finalize our idea and find a way of how to present it to the audience. We now hope we don’t have to stay up all night preparing it and that it’ll be more dine than work. There might even be enough time to visit the Spa, like Head-Supreme-Leader Nadja did this afternoon. ;)

Nadja before the relaxing visit to the spa.

Nadja before her relaxing visit to the spa.

The Policy Labbers – Day 1, right?

Inspired by the diverse speeches and the interesting panel in the morning we started our group session witha brainstorming. The question was what we thought that needed to change in today’s world, right? Supreme leader Fabienne onlyforbid us to censor ourselves and we had to categorize the different ideas from very big issues to all the small New-York-Cheesecake-issues. Following this we were looking for easy solutions and there are none, right? Then we wrote jaw-dropping headlines for the New York Times of February 1, 2035 and dreamed about our personal perfectly happy and sustainable world. As a roundup of our day we planned our big-data revolution introducing a superduper-brain-computer into the global political system to enhance equality and make all species content. And they lived happily ever after, right? :) Foto am 31.01.15 um 17.55 #3

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