Reading List «Entrepreneurship

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There is a vast number of books that you could potentially read to get into the topic of entrepreneurship. Here, we are recommending a few that we think are important for the future way organisations will work. The list is a excerpt of the books that the Coaches have read in the past years to help them understand principles and ideas of good collaboration and good entrepreneurial practice. They come from all kinds of sources

We will also bring them to the Swiss Talent Forum so you can look at them there (on an ipad) to see if you are interested in reading them later. Most of the recommendations below also come accompanied by a video you can watch to get the basics from the book.

«Lean Startup» by Eric Ries.
Great Talk at Google By Eric Ries

«Being wrong – Adventures in the Margin of Error», by Karhryn Schulz
There is also an excellent TED Talk by Kathryn Schulz about this topic

«The Five-Minute-Coach»: Improve Performance rapidly by Lynne Cooper and Mariette Castellino

«Getting to Yes»  
by William Ury
A TED Talk about the topic

«Personal Kanban» by Jim Benson and Tonianne de Maria Barry

«How to Measure anything» by Douglas Hubbard
A Talk by the author

«Reinventing Organisations» by Frederic Laloux
A talk by the author

«The Innovation Champs Handbook» by Markus Mettler

«Why Plans fail» by Jim Benson

«The Toyota Way»
A Video about the 14 principles

«The Five Disfunctions of a Team»

«Consultative Decision Making»
A video about this method that is championed by the Baha’i faith

«The Answer to How is Yes» by Peter Block