In their second session, the participants looked at all the raw materials from their groups and started creating specific ideas for their project questions. Each group created around 20 – 30 specific ideas and hung them on a washline. All participants went to see all the ideas from all other groups and distributed points for ideas they liked.

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Discover and Dream Session, Day 2

We are using a specific process at the Swiss Talent Forum to create ideas. It’s called «The Idea Machine» and it’s a process I co-created at www.brainstore.com and have used for over 900 projects so far.

During the first phase of the process, which here at the Forum we call “Discover and Dream”, we let the participants create an abundance of raw material around their topic. The goal is to collect as much loose stuff as possible to facilitate the next session, where more specific ideas are created.

Here are a few images of the different sessions in the group – enjoy!

From the Head Coach Office – Nadja


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