What a great start to the Swiss Talent Forum 2016!

It is always a privilege and an enourmous pleasure for the coach team and myself to work with the participants of the Swiss Talent Forum. And we are never disappointed: From the first moment, the participants are really diving into the most complex topics with confidence and with a scientific mindset.

Yesterday evening we opened the Swiss Talent Forum 2016 with a “Bubble Bath for the Mind”,. giving the participants access to different articles and headlines around “Big Data”, and after that, sharing the most interesting insights they gained from this reading.

Find the articles and the headlines in this post for further reading, and enjoy some pictures from yesterday’s session.

We also conducted a “World Café” in which the participants had the chance to get to know the other group’s topic and to add their thoughts for the work in these groups during the next three days.

I am very much looking forward to the process and to «Big Ideas for Big Data».

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