Our creation process

As Head Coach, it is my main responsibility to ensure a good creation process for the groups. To generate great ideas, the best strategy is to run a very structured process that allows the team to concentrate on creating ideas while having a clear guiding process.

For over 20 years, I have used the Idea Machine, a idea creation process developed by BrainStore, a company I co-founded ion 1989.

The BrainStore Idea Machine

The BrainStore Idea Machine


Adapted process for the Swiss Talent Forum


The participants will follow different steps to create their ideas:

1. Discover and Dream (The «Boost» process of the Idea Machine)
The goal of this phase is to collect an abundance of materials based on the project questions. Lots of small questions are asked and answered with different creative techniques.

2. Define (Firs part of the «compression» phase
Participants look at the materials from day one again and come up with specific ideas for their topic. Each person creates at least 3 solutions.

3. Design & Do (Second part of the «compression» phase
Participants negotiate which idea is the winner.

4. Develop (Third part of the «compression» phase)
Participants come up with a visual representation of their idea, a short summery and a presentation format of their choice.

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