Some preparatory information


Hello everyone

We are all getting more and more excited to welcoming you to the Swiss Talent Forum next week.

The Coach Team has met last Sunday on site to prepare a very exciting and challenging program for you. Have a look at the view we had! (Picture by our coach Tania Menzi, thank you so much).

Here are a few things that we have been asked by participants by mail, and we are happy to answer them here for everyone:

1 – how do I prepare?

We do not want you to prepare. An innovation and thinking process like the one we have prepared for you requires that you come as openminded as possible. Do not feel obliged to prepare specially.

2 – dress code?

There is no official dress code. Come as you always dress. If that’s super casual, then that is you, if you like to dress up for any occasion, that’s fine, too! The most important thing for us is that you feel at ease and comfortable and that you can work without impediments.

3 – what do I need to bring?

In principle everything is here for you, you just need your personal items. If you want to bring your own laptop that’s maybe a good idea, but each work group also has their own mac in the group, so it’s not absolutely necessary. There is wifi on site of course.

On the last evening (Sunday) you will work and dine at the hotel in a casual atmosphere. We thought that it might be fun if participants who have a special talent (music, acting, slam poetry, you name it) can share this talent with the other participants over the evening. So if you want to do a little show and need your Ukulele, by all means bring it along!

See you next week!

Nadja (Head Coach)