«Discover and Dream»

The first session in the creative process of the Swiss Talent Forum is called «Discover and Dream». Its aim is to collect a vast number of inspirations and snippets to build the final idea on.

This years topic “Big Ideas for Big Data” is very complex, and so it is even harder than with other topics to dive directly into a discussion. But that is true for any creative challenge; first, you have to get acquainted with your topic and play with it.

And that is what the groups did on Friday afternoon. Look at a few impressions.

STF_20140129_14-30_9134 STF_20140129_14-30_9135 STF_20140129_14-32_9147 STF_20140129_14-36_9172 STF_20140129_14-57_9216 STF_20140129_15-57_9275 STF_20140129_16-28_9336 STF_20140129_16-29_9351 STF_20140129_17-19_9390