Beauty and Big Data

Let’s start with a simple question … What’s beauty?

After a morning full of interesting talks about the future, dangers and opportunities of Big Data, our group leader confronted us with this totally different question.

We had 30 seconds to write down the first words that came to our minds, when we heard the following topics. Here are a few we wrote down:

  • Beauty Made by humans: Art, music, information, software, words
  • Beauty in Human Interaction: discussing, hugging, smiling, teaching
  • Beauty in Humans: heart, emotions, thoughts, kindness
  • Beauty without humans: flowers, mountains, weather, water
  • Beauty in data: connections, correlations, excel, structure

Now we have much broader view of all the beauty around us. We’re now ready to tackle our question, on how to build bridges from the analogue to the digital world, with always keeping in mind how different beauty can be seen.



With love from Group 9.

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