A message to group 9 and all participants

Dear Ainika, Fujane, Till, Glenn, Jonas, Eric, Michael and 63 further amazing participants of the Swiss Talent Forum 2015.

In the past few days I was telling you to “think big” as many factors in life will make your ideas smaller and smaller, such as time restrictions, budget, and other resources. I told you that, if you started with a big idea which was eventually made smaller, you still ended up with a really good idea. And if you started with a small idea which then got even tinier you’d end up with something that was not very intriguing.

After your presentation on Monday I realised that I forgot to tell you that there are also other people in this world who will try to restrict your ideas (Mr. Maxton mentioned something along those lines). Usually those people are scared of big visions that could disrupt the system, because those people only have importance in this particular system. I will not mention specifically who those people are, as you all know what I am talking about.

The idea of group 9 was an app, as was the idea of another few groups, which would raise awareness and transfer the power of big data from enterprises to consumers. I, and all the other coaches, did not think that you believed you could save the world with just an app. We understood that we gave you such enormously difficult questions to answer, you all chose to present a small step that could eventually realise your big vision over time. And you understood that all those small steps could grow into something big, like a true paradigm shift. There is no all-in-one solution for complex topics like growth and consumption and trying to solve our issues with just a single solution would overwhelm us and paralyse us. No action would be taken, no ideas realised… no small steps would be taken that can grow into a bigger movement. Remember what I said about making a decision to be able to move forward?

I’d like you to not forget this and to ignore some of those “grown ups”, who have probably not understood the world we live in as well as you have. But also, try not to become like them, should you end up entering a political career!

It was amazing working with you and I hope to hear great things about you in the future!

Your coach, Fabienne

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